As a professional manufacturer of Networking devices,
Turbospeed provides reliable last-mile products which includes,
Mesh, Router, LTE+ Router, Outdoor LTE Router, VDSL2 / ADSL2+ Wireless Router, FTTH/GPON and WiFi Extenders.

Turbsopeed is constantly engaging in R&D and creating unique and innovative solutions suitable for first-tier Telecom's and SMB clients worldwide.
Turbospeed implements strict and vigorous testing in our in-house lab, offering products with high stability and quality your consumers are seeking. 

Turbospeed's top mission is to deliver excellence at affordable pricing.

Product Features

  Hybrid Wan Router

+ Dual WAN technologies 
+ Embedded LTE +  (Cat.6 and higher)
+ VDSL2  up to 350Mbps 
+35b Super‐Vectoring       
+ Backward compatible with ADSL2+     
+ FTTH ready Ethernet‐WAN


WiFi Router
+ Super Fast 802.11ac Wireless Technology

+ LTE/3G USB Modem Support

+ LTE Failover and Load-Balance

+ Robust VPN Support

+ IPv6 Enabled



LTE Router
+Cat.6 LTE advance supports up to 300Mbps

+ Super Fast 802.11ac wave2 MU-MIMO Wireless Technology

+ Robust Firewall Security+ Reliable Platforms Easy to Install & Use

+ TR-069 Remote Management




GPON Router
+ DS: 2.5Gbps;   

   US: 1.25Gbps

+ Robust Firewall Security

+ Voice over IP (VoIP)

+ Super Fast 802.11ac Wireless Technology

+ TR-069 Remote Management

+ IPv6 enabled




VDSL Router 
+ VDSL2/ADSL2+ compatible

+ Robust Firewall Security

+ Super Fast 802.11ac Wireless Technology

+ One Button ( WPS) for easy WiFi

+ TR-069 Remote Management

+ Web GUI Management For Easy Configuration

+ IPv6 Enabled